Young Leaders’ Summit 

This event aims to gather the best young leaders in the industry to hear expert speakers on important topics, an excursion to an aquaculture facility, a workshop with presentations before a panel consisting of top executives from leading aquaculture companies and networking.


15.30 Registration, light food serving and mingling

16.00 Welcome and introduction North Atlantic Seafood Forum and Bergen Chamber of Commerce & Industry

16.10 Blockchain and its potential for the seafood industry Ingunn Midttun Godal Global Director, Business Development, DNV GL – Business Assurance

16.35 Pioneering BluehouseTM farming locally, transforming protein production globally Karl Øystein Øyehaug Finance Director, Atlantic Sapphire

16.55 Break

17.05 Plastic and microplastic – what can we do and how could it affect our products? Marte Haave Research Lead, Applied Environmental Research –  Marine, NORCE

17.30 Workshop. Presentations of ideas for a panel consisting of the following:

o Andreas Kvame, CEO Grieg Seafood

o Henning Beltestad, CEO Lerøy Seafood Group

o Fredrik Witte, CEO Cargill Aqua Nutrition North Sea

 19.40 Panel announces winner

20.00 Dinner at King Haakon’s hall

Aquaculture Risk/Insurance/Legal


12.30 – 13.00hrs – Registration and coffee

13.00 – 13.15hrs – Presentation of Speakers by Moderator

13.15 – 13.30hrs – Introduction of topic and insurance solutions by Kolbein Aarnes, Marsh

13.30 – 1350 hrs – An Insurer view on RAS by Geir Myre, AXA XL Catlin

13.50 – 14.10hrs – Legal and regulatory issues by Tore Fjørtoft, Schjødt

14.10 – 14.30hrs – Coffee and networking

14.30 – 14.50hrs – Experience from RAS operations - what are the benefits and what have and can go wrong by Åse Åtland, NIVA

14.50 – 15.10hrs – Alternative Risk Solutions by Oleksandr Artiushyn, Swiss Re CorSo

15.10 – 15.45hrs – A banker’s perspective on land based farming initiatives by Anne Hvistendahl, DNB

15.45 – 17.00hrs – Panel discussion, followed with Drinks and Finger Foods Sponsored by Swiss Re & AXA XL

Global Aquatech Summit

10.00-15.30 Day Zero: Global Aquatech Summit Opening Session Moderator Karl A. Almås, Chairman of the Board, NCE Aquatech Cluster

10.00 Welcome address Kristian Henriksen, General Manager, NCE Aquatech Cluster
10:10 Global perspectives of aquaculture technology, Torill Østingsen, Simens
10:30 Ocean Space Technology: Future trends, Vegar Johansen, CEO, SINTEF Ocean
10:50 Breeding for sea lice resistance – the ultimate solution for sea lice control, Nina Santi, CEO, AquaGen

11:10 Coffee break

Future prospects in aquaculture technology Moderator Karl A. Almås, Chairman of the Board, NCE Aquatech Cluster
11:30 Global aquaculture technology, John Kleppe, Product sales manager, VAKI
11:50 Aquaculture technologies, Jørn Torsvik, Head of Software, Steinsvik

12:20 Lunch

The technological solution providers Moderator Kristian Henriksen, Manager, NCE Aquatech Cluster

13:10 Digital baby steps towards knowledge? Ron Holan, Anteo
13:20 Piscada – Open Aquaculture Platform, Knut Drange, COO, Piscada
13:30 Underwater wireless sensors Erik Høy, CEO, Thelma biotel
13:40 Sustainable first feed for marine aquaculture, Tore M. Remman, CEO, C-Feed
13.50 Digitalization of the seafood value chain, Janne T. Morstøl, CEO, Maritech

14:00 Coffee break

Financing and business development, Moderator Stål Heggelund

14:15 Investing in aquaculture technology, from a global bank’s point of view, Beyhan De Jong, Rabobank
14:30 Investments in ocean technology, global trends seen from Katapult Ocean, Maren Hjorth Bauer, CEO, Katapult Ocean
14:45 Financing Aquaculture Sustainability, Ivar Rekve, Director Energy and Industry, GIEK
15:00 Panel discussion: Sustainable investments in the aquaculture industry
15:25 Closing remarks, Moderator Karl A. Almås, Chairman of the Board, NCE Aquatech Cluster

Inspired by Iceland

This event combines three topics that are key elements for the Icelandic fishing industry: Sustainability, Quality and Innovation. Speakers from 8 Icelandic companies will share their knowledge and after their presentations there will be a discussion panel consisting of top executives from the Icelandic fishing industry.

15.30  Opening: Stella Björg Kristinsdóttir, Marketing Manager Marel Fish and member of the NASF2019 Icelandic delegation.

Foundation - Sustainability - Challenges and solutions

15.40  “Effective decision-making for sustainable fishing” - Steingrímur Gunnarsson, Sales Manager,      Trackwell.
15.50  “Innovating with vision” - Sigurður Ólason, Managing Director, Marel Fish (EVP). 

Advantage -  A value chain designed for quality 

16.00  “Seashuttle”, Are Grathen, Managing Director, Samskip
16.10  “Improving fish quality and volume utilization with twin containers“  - Dr. Björn Margeirsson, Research Manager, Sæplast.

Future - Entrepreneurs & Innovation  

16.20  “Controlling fishing trawl for selective fishing“ - Atli Már Jósafatsson, Managing Director, Polar Doors.
16.30  “The first high-precision Computer-controlled Collarbone cutter for whitefish“ - Axel Pétur Ásgeirsson, Marketing manager, Curio.
16.40  “From Primary to Premium“ – Guðmundur Gíslason, Ice Fish Farm (Fiskeldi Austfjarda hf.)
16.50   “Increasing Processing Value while Meeting more Demanding Customers Requirements” - Kristján Kristjánsson, General manager, Valka Norway.
17.00   Panel discussion
17.20   Reception sponsored by Arion Bank.



09.00 Welcome – Director Sissel Rogne, Institute of Marine Research (IMR)

09.15 Healthy food for everyone, UNDP Speaker TBA 

09.30 The importance of Seafood to the world Arni M. Mathiesen, FAO

09.45 The Decade of Nutrition Fransesco Branca, WHO, Speaker TBA (video message)

10.00 The global network, Anita Utheim Iversen/Livar Frøiland,

10.20 Pause

10.40 The industry – where are they going? Anne Hilde Midttveit, Lerøy Seafood

11.00 Sustainable aquaculture feed production, Mads Martinsen, Skretting

11.30 Future feed, Erik Jan Lock, Institute of Marine Research (IMR)

11.50 Summing up and discussion.

Moderators: Gro Ingunn Hemre and Kari Østervold Toft

Members of this Global Action Network will mobilize actions to include aquatic food as a key food source for achieving food security and improved nutrition in the Decade of Action on Nutrition (2016-2025) and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


09.00 – 10.30: Outlook for Oceans and Trade – Perspectives from Policy Leaders  

Conference Chair: Guus Pastoor, President, EU Fish Processors and Traders Federation

09.00 – Welcome and opening remarks – Guus Pastoor, President, EU Fish Processors and Traders Federation, Brussels
09.10 – Conference Address, H.E. Erna Solberg, Prime Minister, Norway
09.30 – Conference Address, Peter Thomson, United Nations Envoy for Oceans, New York (via video link)
09.40 – Conference Address, Arni Mathiesen, Assistant Director General, FAO, Rome
09.50 – Conference Address, Heidrun Lind Marteinsddottir, President, Fisheries Iceland, Iceland

10.20 – 11.00: Coffee Break

11.00 – 12.30: Industry Captains’ – “The View from the Bridge” 

11.00 – Ole Arve Misund, CEO, Norway Polar Institute, Norway
11.20 – Arne Møgster, CEO, Austevoll Seafood, Norway
11.40 – Gudmundur Kristjansson, CEO and owner HP Grandi and BRIM, Iceland
12.00 – John Connelly, President, National Fisheries Institute, USA

12.20– 12.40 – 14th NASF 2019 Address: “The importance of sustainability as drivers for growth”

12.20 – Reflections – maintaining a sustainable world fisheries industry – Rupert Howes, CEO, Marine Stewardship Council, UK
12.30 – Reflections – developing a sustainable world aquaculture expansion – George Chamberlain., President, Global Aquaculture Alliance, USA

12.40 - 12.50: Greetings from Iceland

12.40 – Representative, Iceland NASF National Delegation, Iceland

12.50– 14.00: Lunch

NASF Salmon and Aquaculture


14.00 – 15.30: Salmon supply Seminar Chair – Arne Hjeltnes, Chairman Norwegian Fish Company

14.00 – Short term supply outlook, Ragnar Nystøyl, Kontali, Norway
14.15 – Long term supply growth – from where? Ragnar Tveteraas, UiS, Norway
14.40 – Future growth and impact on share prices, Carl-Emil Kjølås Johannessen, Pareto Securities
15.00 – Where will growth come from? –  Panel discussion

Panel participants:
Johan Andreassen, Atlantic Sapphire, Norway
Charles Høstlund, Norway Royal Salmon
Gerardo Balbontin, Blumar
Ragnar Tveteraas, UiS
Carl-Emil Kjølås Johannessen, Pareto Securities

15.30 – 15.45: Coffee Break

15.45 – 16.30: Digitalization and aquaculture

16.30 – 16.50: China – outlook for markets and salmon imports

16.50-17.00: Closing remarks,  Seminar chair

NASF White Fish Summit

Seminar Chair – Torunn Halhjem, Trident Seafoods, USA   

14.10 – 15.45:   White Fish Supply

14.05 – Global White Fish supply and market outlook – Henrik Hustadnes, Analyst, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Kontali, Norway
14.25 – Outlook for North Atlantic Species – Vidar Engilbertsson, Marketing specialist, Fisheries Iceland.
14.45 – Supply and exports from Russia – Sergey Sennikov, Director, Norebo, Russia
15.05 – Outlook for Alaska Pollock supplies and exports – Lars Fant, Director, Arctic Storm Management, USA
15.25 – Trust in your product - how brands can tell a true product story to consumers, powered by supply chain transparency and verified data on block chain –
Sven Edgren, Head of Digital Transformation, DNV GL, Germany 
15.40 – “Global Seafood Assurances (GSA) scheme, a novel industry initiative” – Andrew Mallison, Executive Director, Global Aquaculture Alliance, USA
15.50 – Q&A – moderated by seminar Chair Torunn Halhjem

15.50 – 16.10: Coffee Break

16.10 – 18.05: White Fish Markets and Trade 

16:10 – Outlook for Continental European White Fish demand – Simon Rilatt, Director Espersen, presentation for European Seafood Federation (AIPCEE), Belgium
16:30 – Outlook for UK white fish markets and impact of retail restructuring – Stuart Caborn, Global Procurement Director, Young’s, UK
16.50 – Outlook for white fish markets in Germany – Gitte Hannemann Mollan, Director Germany/Poland, Norway Seafood Council Hamburg Office, Norway
17.10 – How can we expand the Scandinavian seafood consumer market - Morten Jensen, COO, Insula; Norway
17.30 – Impact of BREXIT on Europe white fish trade – Torben Foss, PwC, Norway
17.50 – The global Animal Protein outlook - Gorjan Nikolik, Rabo Bank, the Netherlands

18.05 – 18.20: Panel – Q & A

The Nordic Seafood Sector and the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Speaker 1: Setting the scene.

15:30-15:45 Dr. Huginn Freyr Þorsteinsson, Partner at Aton and Chairman of the Committee on Iceland and the 4th Industrial Revolution.
What is the 4th industrial revolution? How is it affecting societies and primal industries sectors? How will the seafood sector respond to the opportunities of challenges. What disruptions are on the horizon. Is the seafood sector prepared for digitalization?

Speaker 2: Reflections on the global seafood markets.

15:45-16:00 TBC
Internet of Things. Consumer demands for verification of sustainable low-carbon emissions harvest.

Speaker 3: Reflections on fisheries.

16:00-16:15 Dr. Bryndís Björnsdóttir, MATIS Iceland.
Bryndís is Project leader for the Icelandic Presidential Project NordMar Biorefine.

Development of fishing fleets and fishing gear. New technology evelopment of ocean research.

Fisherman behavior. Where will we be in 40 years? Are countries doing enough?

Speaker 4: Reflections on aquaculture.

16:15-16:30 Dr. Hans V. Bjelland, EXPOSED Aquaculture Operations research centre.
Future of open water pens inshore versus outshore? Environmental effects of growing feed for aquaculture. What are ambitions for Nordic aquaculture into the future.

Speaker 5: Reflections on processing of seafood.

16:30:16:45 Stella Kristinsdóttir, Marel
What can the story of MAREL in Iceland tell of Nordic seafood sector companies adapting to the 3rd and the upcoming and ongoing 4th industrial revolution.

16:45 Coffee Break


17:00-17:30 Seafood leaders will be given the opportunity to respond to the presentations and present their thoughts on how their companies and the sector as a whole will be affected and how it is or could respond to the 4th industrial revolution.

NASF Pelagic Industry Summit

Seminar Chair – Jan Trollvik, Pelagic Fish Forum, Norway

09.05 – 10.30: Pelagic supply outlook

09.05 – Outlook for global pelagic supplies and markets - Gunn Strandheim, Fisheries Analyst, Kontali, Norway
09.25 – Outlook for Latin American pelagic supply, exports and trade – Didier Saplana, COO, Austral, Peru
09.45 – North Atlantic pelagic supply outlook - Paul Oma, CEO, Norway Sales Organization for Pelagic Fish, Norway
10.05 – Views from a major Danish pelagic industry operator – Johannes Palsson, CEO, FF Skagen, Denmark

10.25 – Q&A – moderated by seminar chair Jan Trollvik

10.30 – 11.10: Coffee Break  

11.10 – 12.40: Pelagic Markets and Trade

11.10 – The global markets for pelagic – changes and forecasts – Jan Erik Johnsen, Consultant, Norway Seafood Council, Norway
11.30 – Outlook for fish meal and fish oil - Dr. Enrico Bachis, IFFO, UK
11.50 – Impact of the alternatives on fish meal and fish oil markets – Gorjan Nikolik, Rabo Bank, the Netherlands
12.10 – Impact of BREXIT on Europe pelagic fish trade – Ole-Alexander Palm, PwC, Norway

12.30 – 13.00: Panel – Q&A

Sustainability Workshop Seminar     
 0900 – 1310

Chair: Andrea Weber Director Corporate Responsibility METRO AG

09:10 FOA program / MSC, Rupert Howes CEO, MSC

09:25 SeaBOSS, Prof Dr Henrik Österblom, Stockholm University

09:40 Traceability / Block Chain, Britta Gallus, METRO AG

10:00 Panel Discussion: Rupert Howes, Henrik Österblom, Britta Gallus

10:30 -11:00 Coffee Break

11:05 Global Ghost Gear Initiative/ Plastic Pollution, Joel Baziuk Secretariat GGGI

11:20 Sustainable Aquaculture, Dr. Karim Kurmaly, CEO Veramis

11:35 Sustainable Aquaculture, Prof Dr. Geert Wiegertjes Wageningen University

11:50 Sustainable Wild Capture, Sergey Sennikov CSR Director Norebo

12:05 Driving Marine ingredients supply towards a sustainable level, Petter Johannessen, CEO IFFO

12:20 Panel Discussion: Joel Baziuk, Sergey Sennikov, Geert Wiegertjes, Karim Kurmaly, Petter Johannessen.

12:45 END

Pareto Securities Investor Seminar    
 0900 – 1600

09.00 – Intro to the Pareto Securities Seafood Investor & Finance Seminar, Petter Dragesund, Pareto Securities 

09.05 – Offshore farming a driver for growth, CEO Charles Høstlund, Norway Royal Salmon

09.25 – Cyclicality and future production methods in salmon farming, CFO Sjur Malm, Lerøy Seafood

09.45 – The MOWI brand, CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog, MOWI

10.05 – Break

10.20 – Effects of the New Chilean Regulation, CEO Gerardo Balbontin, Blumar

10.40 – The New Era of the Chilean Salmon Farming Industry, CEO Andrés Lyon, Multiexport Foods

11.00 – We cracked the Landbased Kingfish code, and plan to grow, CEO Ohad Maiman, Kingfish Zeeland

11.20 – Sustainable Solutions to the Sea Lice Challenge, CEO Malcolm Pye, Benchmark

11.40 – Millennial fishing legacy feeding the world, CEO Rossana Ortiz Rodriguez, Pesquera Exalmar

12.00 – Lunch

13.00 – On the frontier of Bluehouse farming, CEO Johan Andreassen, Atlantic Sapphire

13.20 – Digitalization, CDO Petter Jenssen, AKVA Group

13.40 – The future of salmon farming on Iceland, Co-founder Kristian Matthiasson, Arnarlax

14.00 – Achieving premium prices, COO Odd Eliasen, Bakkafrost

14.20 – Break

14.30 – One year after crossing the Atlantic, Vice Chairman Ricardo Garcia, Salmones Camanchaca 

14.50 – Utilizing a global position in the seafood industry, CFO Britt Kathrine Drivenes, Austevoll Seafood

15.10 – Sustainable growth, CEO Andreas Kvame, Grieg Seafood

 0830 – 1730


08.30    Registration and coffee    

09.00    Welcome to Seafood Innovation Day, Einar Wathne, Chairman of the Board, The Seafood Innovation Cluster
09.20    Hyper connecting society with revolutionary 5G technology, Pål Grønsund , Senior Research Scientist, Telenor
09.40    Intrapreneurship and commercialization in Nortura, Torleif Bjella, Executive Vice Precident, Nortura SA, Growth and Innovation
10.00    Innovation in existing businesses, Kristian Botnen, COO, Lingalaks
10.20    Collaborative innovation within aquaculture, AI and Big Data, Christoffer Marøy, CFO, Eide Fjordbruk and Tore Norheim Hagtun, CEO, Searis

10:45    Break    


11.15    Financing innovation and entrepreneurship, Anne Hvistendahl, Head of Foods and Seafood, DNB
11.30    Investing in leading-edge technologies and solutions to improve animal health and welfare, Chris Beattie, Lead Precision Aquaculture, Merck
11.45    Accelerating start-ups in the seafood industry Panel: Ingrid Kylstad, Katapult Ocean, Carsten Krome, HATCH and Anders Haugland, VIS. Moderator: Bjørgolfur Havardsson, The Seafood Innovation Cluster

12.30-13.30    Lunch    


13.30    JET Seafood is developing a digitalized B2B marketplace for trading of global seafood, JET Seafood, Norway
13.40    Undersee enables precision aquaculture with underwater sensors and numerical models that deliver data in real-time to the cloud., Undersee, Portugal
13.50    Scantrol Deep Vision supplies innovative solutions for fish sampling – in the sea, onboard vessels and in labs – by help of a camera system mounted in the trawl, Scantrol Deep Vision, Norway
14.00    AlgeaPro is developing, building and operating micro-algae plants.    AlgeaPro, Norway
14.10    Botres Global is designing, building and operating ultra-modern biogas plants and biorefineries, based on proprietary technology.    Botres Global,  Austria
14.20    Sensar Marine is a monitoring system for boats that deploy the latest in wireless communication, ground breaking sensors, and battery technology.    Sensar Marine, Norway

14.30-15.00    BREAK    

15.00    RemoraXYZ has developed technological solutions that ensure cost-efficient reliable traceability of fishing boats and their catch, enabling to trace that the fish has been fished sustainably, RemoraXYZ, Costa Rica
15.10    Evoy will move electric propulsion into faster planing hull boats and eliminate global boating emissions, Evoy, Norway
15.20    GenetiRate identifies fastest growing embryos through a high-throughput, low-cost test, GenetiRate, USA
15.30    Salmoncuts helps suppliers to utilize as much of the salmon as possible and customers to get the best and freshest salmoncuts in the  world.  Salmoncuts, Norway
15.40    Margildi has developed a new patented cold fractionation (winterization) process for pelagic fish oils with high stearin content, Margildi, Iceland
15.50    Sea Data Center provides a seafood market information platform which gives a unique way to discover valuable seafood market information with a few clicks.   Sea Data Center, Iceland
16.00    Live voting and presenting winner of the Seafood Innovation Award    

16.15 - 17.30    MATCH-MAKING    
We are organizing a match-making where businesses and investors can register for individual meetings with the showcasing start-ups. For registration and more information, contact us at: