NASF 2011

Programme 2011

NASF Innovation Award 2011

Genetic tests to combat viral infections in aquaculture, fish feed from pulp and heparin from salmon intestines. These innovation cases were all awarded prestigious prices during the North Atlantic Seafood Forum Innovation Awards in Oslo on Wednesday evening, 2 March.

About the winners:

Aquaculture - Genetics

Aqua Gen AS: QTL eggs to combat Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis in salmon farming

Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis is the most severe viral infection in aquaculture. The best way to handle such infection is either vaccination or selection for disease resistance. Aqua Gen has developed a genetic test for resistance to this severe viral infection. The test has been shown to be so successful that 35% of the egg marked has been selected for these genetic markers and the results are extremely promising, so far no infectious pancreatic necrosis has appeared in these fish farms.

Aquaculture – Feed

Cewatech: Microfungal biomass – a new fish feed ingredient

We need good quality ingredients from sustainable sources for fish feed. Use of the micro fungi zygo-mycetes cultivated on the sugars from pulp industry is a very interesting and innovative case with a proven concept. Up to 30% of the fish feed has been replaced in the fungi with very good result. This can turn the troubled pulp industry into a prosperous fish feed plant, but has also got potential for production of special bio chemicals.


HepMarin AS: From the fish farm to the operating theatre

More than half of the world’s anticoagulant heparin is produced in China from pig intestines. The curd product is purified in the pharmaceutical industry and is extremely valuable in human medicine and in laboratories to prevent the clotting of blood. Why not use salmon intestines? We believe the answer is Yes, and is an innovative case proving that there is no waste in the salmon industry, only new raw materials not yet been exposed to creative scientists.

About the nominees:

Category Aquaculture:    - AquaGen AS    - Norwegian University of Life Science    - Micanti    - MatureDevelopment BV    - Cewatech AB    - Bioprotein AS

Category Processing:    - HepMarin AS    - Nofima    - NemerPharma    - Due Miljø AS    - Omegatri AS    - The FUGE Zebrafish Platform