Jüergen Matern

Jürgen studied Food technology in the later 1970th. Post graduate he collected  over eight years first experiences in the food industry as Research and Development Manager in international companies. Between 1991 and  2017 he worked over 26 years for METRO Group, the most  international Retailer. Starting as the Quality Assurance Manager for Food in the Buying company of METRO Germany, he took over in the following years the he assumed the obligation as well for Non Food and for all Countries, before he moved 2010 into the METRO Holding, responsible for Sustainability. The growing interest of Consumer and Investors in sustainable produced products and assortments, the own  interest of METRO to organize their processes more sustainable, was the new challenge in the following years. Since 2014 METRO GROUP is now Top positioned in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Jürgen always understood his engagement in connecting Company demands and goals with international  activities. To improve Food Safety, he was a driving force in developing the International Featured Standards (IFS) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Both organisations he represented several years as chairman of the board. Fresh produce, especially fish and meat, is one of the strength of METRO. As Member of several global initiatives, supporting sustainable fishing, as MSC, GSSI, World Economic Forum (Ocean GAC) he assured that Consumer Demands are linked into these initiatives. Together with UNIDO (UN Industry Development Organisation) he developed one of the first international accepted Supplier Development programs for small holders in developing countries.  


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