Tanja Hoel

The cluster achieved the status of a member of Norwegian Centres of Expertise for sustainable seafood production in 2015.

Hoel, a Chicago born, grew up in the south of Norway and is a trained marine biologist from the University of Bergen and Hawaii Pacific University.

A former teacher at the Fisherman’s School in the Austevoll archipelago, she has 10 years of management experience in regional and national projects both for the seafood industry and the authorities.

Hoel was the general manager for Fiskeriforum Vest, a networking organisation for the seafood industry on the west coast, an organisation that was the precursor for the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

The Seafood Innovation Cluster consists of 70 partners based all along the Norwegian coast, from Kragerø to Finnmark.  The partners have operations in 25 countries. The seafood cluster in Bergen is considered a complete cluster with companies that represent the cutting edge in global salmon aquaculture industry. After achieving the NCE status the ambition is to achieve a status as one of the Global Centres of Expertise in Norway. The cluster strives to achieve sustainable growth for the seafood and aquaculture industries in Norway. A goal that is supported by continuous development of knowledge, sustainable innovation and supplier development.

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