André Akse – the new Managing Director of North Atlantic Seafood Forum, NASF

Mr. André Akse is the new appointed Managing Director of North Atlantic Seafood Forum, NASF, and he joined the organization on November 1st.

Mr. Akse has a broad and varied experience from the Norwegian seafood industry and held several leading positions within the industry. Among them, Director of France for the Norwegian Seafood Council in the 90’s, Hydro Seafood in Bergen, Seagarden, Vikenco, Pan Fish Norway as plant manager at Eggesbøneset and as General Manager for Baader Norway. He has worked on projects and strategies for companies such as Marine Harvest, Atlantic Cod Farms, Optimar and various investment companies. Over the past year, he has been involved in introducing Stora Enso’s EcoFishBox concept in Norway and France.

André is enthusiastically taking the world’s largest Seafood Business conference into the a new digital environment:
“We see a lot of exciting possibilities emerge as we go along with the planning of a digital NASF 2021. Our online event will be available to a much larger audience globally, making it an ideal event to meet old and new acquaintances”

Our website will be updated with news on the conference, so visit us again for more exiting news on NASF 2021.

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