Networking is easy at NASF 2021

Digital networking at NASF is easy

Networking is a key factor at any conference in the Seafood industry NASF has been one of the best arenas for getting in touch with key players and decision makers. During the digital NASF we have made it easy to get in touch with old and new contacts.

Your delegate page

As a delegate you have access to the conference delegate page with information on all delegates. Find your desired contacts, and get in touch!

You can:

  • send a chat message
  • have one-to-one video meetngs
  • invite to visit a booth in the virtual exhibition hall
  • invite to a sponsor event
  • request a meeting

Easy and safe, and your privacy is protected on the conference platform.



Digital “coffee corners and meeting rooms”

During the conference you will also be able to enter one of several digital “coffee corners/meeting rooms” This is another place to meet and talk. It’s similar to a traditional video meeting, and you can decide yourself if you want to be a part of the discussion or simply just listen in.

If this is new to you, we encourage you to try it out – it actually works quite well! 


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