NASF 2021: Global up-to-date market information

Updated market information is key to success.

In times with significant changes in many market variables, key to success will always be updated market information. At NASF2021 we have invited a long list of specialists, analysts, and industry leaders to share their latest market information and prognosis for a broad variety of species in all major markets.

The Chinese market, the worlds largest market for seafood is always at interest. Among our specialists on the Chinese market, we are delighted to have Joe Qiao, CEO of Qingdao Meichu. His company is one of the larger seafood importers in China, and he will share his knowledge and insight with us at NASF2021.

Watch his greetings to the NASF2021 delegates below:


The line of market related questions is endless.

  • Will prices increase for whitefish in Europe?
  • How is the demand for seafood in the USA after the pandemic?
  • Will the Japanese market still be wanting Mackerel?
  • How will demand for salmon  develop after covid?


At NASF2021 you will get the answers!

Specialists and industry leaders who monitor and work in these markets daily will share their knowledge and insight.

3-day delegate passes start at only €150.

Reserve your delegate pass today!


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