Seafood Innovation Award 2022 to be presented at NASF

The winner of the Seafood Innovation Award 2022 to be presented at North Atlantic Seafood Forum

It has become a tradition to recognize the importance of great ideas and innovation in the Seafood Industry at NASF.
The Seafood Industry Innovation Award 2022 will be announced at the plenary session of the conference on June 22nd. The winner gets 100.000 NOK and the prize is sponsored by:

NCE Seafood Innovation, DNB and Pareto Securities.

Be a part of the Jury!

All NASF delegates attending are all delegates are encouraged to vote for a winner, as the delegate votes counts for 50% and a selected jury 50% representing the cash prize sponsors.

Showcasing for the Seafood Innovation Award 2022

8 carefully selected cutting-edge startups, are qualified for the award through their technology and solutions, and will be presenting their technology, ideas and plans on Tuesday 21st of June

These companies will pitch their innovative solutions within the Seafood Industry to the audience who then will be given the opportunity to vote on the companies they judge has the most sustainable solution in terms of environmental impact, business idea, team and growth potential. 

The following companies are showcasing for the Seafood Innovation Award:


Tekslo Seafood

create user friendly consumer products with seaweed, in the categories of food, supplement and skincare. These products will have a positive impact on billions of people and reduce one of the world largest health problems which is iodine deficiency.



is developing a robot for cleaning vertical surfaces, primarily focused on fish farm tanks.



is a Boston-based, Norwegian-backed biotechnology company pioneering a new generation of aquaculture feed additives. Using proven advancements from human biomedicine, BioFeyn is maximizing the impact of often scarce or expensive ingredients to improve animal health, reduce resource use, and minimize waste.



assists the seaweed farmer in planning and executing daily operations, monitors the status on cultivation rig, mooring system, and the environment at sea, as well as predicts the yield and ideal harvest time.



produces technology and products for RAS and Flow Through systems for fish farming on land and in sea.



Diagnostics provides rapid, non-lethal fish health assessment for the aquaculture sector using blood based clinical chemistry analysis. Using our unique database and AI models for data interpretation we provide clinically interpreted results within 24h our sample receipt, facilitating continuous health monitoring to support data informed husbandry decisions, improving fish health & welfare management.



is an Icelandic start-up developing algal bioplastics. The company’s aim is to build a global technical solution taking strides towards a sustainable future through the creation of biodegradable bioplastics derived from algae to replace petroleum-based single-use plastics.



delivers an autonomous and maintenance free software and hardware solution for fish-welfare, lice, and biomass analysis of freely swimming fish. The solution is a preferred tool for continuous decision making to optimize fish-welfare and economic potential.

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