NASF 2022 Video recap: This is how decarbonization affects the seafood industry

Watch the video: The inaugural Global seafood decarbonization Summit

The inaugural Global seafood decarbonization Summit at NASF

aimed to highlight the importance of climate change and decarbonization and the way it affects the industry. During the session we got to know how this issue closely related to the industry and how the different stakeholders in the industry wants to tackle the greatest challenge of our time.

The event was split into two panels, each consisting of short presentations or statements followed by a debate. The global seafood decarbonization summit lifts climate change to the top of the agenda on an executive level.

Panel 1:

Decarbonization trends affecting the seafood industry

This panel explores Decarbonization trends affecting the seafood industry in a regulative, financial, consumer and industry perspective.


  • Maria Varteressian, Political Adviser to the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment: Regulative Perspectives
  • Anne Hvistendahl, Global head of seafood, DNB: Financial Perspectives
  • Maria B. Helsengreen, Partner EY Consulting: Consumer Perspectives
  • Catarina Martins, Chief Sustainability Officer, and Chief Technology Officer MOWI: Industry Perspectives

Panel 2:

Seafood companies are to reduce CO2-emissions with at least 55% the next few years – what are the options?

This panel addresses carbon emissions in the value chain, how this affects the industry – and what options and tools are available for decarbonization.


  • Ulf Johannesen, Senior Researcher SINTEF: Carbon emissions in the value chain
  • Sondre Eide, CEO Eide Fjordbruk: Industry Perspectives
  • Dave Robb, Head of Cargill’s SeaFurther Sustainability initiative: Vendor Perspectives (global)
  • Nina Stangeland, Man. Dir. NCE Seafood Innovation: Seafood innovation

The summit is chaired by Narve Mjøs, Vice President in DNV and chair of the Norwegian Green Shipping Program.

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