Land-based Investor Seminar – New session by Pareto at NASF2023

Land-based investor presentations – a new session at NASF2023

Over the last decade investors have increasingly turned to land based aquaculture. Several major players in the seafood industry today are running operations on shore, and many more is underway. This opens new possibilities for the seafood Investor community, that we will accommodate at next year’s conference.

At NASF 2023 Pareto Securities will host a dedicated investor session, showcasing a wide range of investment opportunities within the land-based aquaculture industry. The conference delegates can expect to listen to a wide selection of companies, showcasing their operations, technology, through specially designed investor presentations. We expect to see  new companies, but also the ones leading the “land-based revolution” of the aquaculture industry.

This will be the first time a dedicated land-based investor seminar has been offered to our delegates, and we are certain that the investment community at NASF will show their interest and be present at this unique session.

The following companies will present at this session:

Atlantic Sapphire – Salmon Evolution – Proximar – Nordic Aqua Partners – Nordic Aquafarms Columbi Salmon – The Kingfish Company – Andfjord Salmon – Gigante Salmon.


The Atlantic Sapphire Aquaculture plant in Florida
The Atlantic Sapphire Aquaculture plant in Florida


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