– Meet new business contacts “online”​
NASF2022 is a hybrid conference. This year we will have many seafood companies around the world joining NASF to get the latest seafood update but also to meet old and new contacts.

NASF will take place both in the physical and digital space. The digital conference platform will allow everyone who is not able to join in-person, to be a part of this year’s event. You can follow the program through the whole conference, as well as connecting with the other participans. Read more about how to access the conference through the digital platform, below. 


Log in

In order to get onto the platform you need a link to log in. This was previously sent out to all participants upon registration, and by several other occasions. You should have received a  login link by email (pictured) and by text message.

The log in link is personal, and should not be shared with anyone else, as this will allow them to see your personal information.

If you cannot locate the email with the login link, please check your spam folder, or search for sender “Apriil via InvitePeople”. Alternatively, send an email to We are happy to help!

Edit your profile

Once you have logged into the digital platform, we ask that you edit your profile. This will allow you to add more information about yourself, and make sure the information is correct. We adivce you to write your job title, company name and personal presentation, as well as adding a photo of yourself. This will make you easier to find by other delegates!

You can do this by clicking your name in the top right corner of the page

My Profile

See the delegate list

The delegate list can be seen by clicking “DELEGATES” in the top menu, or the Networking icon on the HOME-page. Here you will be able to connect with other delegates, speakers, and sponsor representatives.

Connect with others

You can search for other participants, and see who is online when you are. Get to know the other participants by clicking their profile to read more about them. If you’d like to connect with someone in particular – send a message or reqest to have a meeting with them! The meeting can be digital by video, or you can agree on a meeting point at the conference venue if you’re both in-person attendees.


If you ever experience any technical issues, or if you need assistance with anything on the digital  platform, please visit the SUPPORT page. You can find this on the platform, in the top menu, or by clicking the support icon on the HOME-page. On the support page, you can communicate with us throught the chat on the right hand side, or send an email. You will find the contact info on the bottom of the page.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you at NASF. 
In-person or digitally!

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