NASFTec: New tehcnology stronger present at NASF 2023

NASFTec23: Technolgy that shapes the future of the seafood industry!

We all see that capital intensive seafood farming will increase globally, and technology will be a crucial part of these investments. The NASFTec session is designed to give insight to technology developments and available solutions that will shape the seafood industry of tomorrow.

During NASFTec, up to 15 different companies and institutions will present cutting edge technology that is available today:

  • How can AI improve sustainability?
  • How can waste become an valuable asset?
  • What will the water temperature and salinity at your offshore aquaculture site look like in 20 years from now?

The companies present will give you answers to these questions, and many more. The NASFTec session will be a “Walk in – walk out session” specially designed for CTO’s, CEO’s, investors and everyone that understands the importance of technology in the seafood industry.

All companies have maket-ready solutions, so these solutions can give your company value tomorrow!

Meet the NASFTec companies

The participating companies will be present with a mini stand during the whole conference. There will be ample opportunity for delegates to engage in discussions and individual meetings.


These are some of the companies presenting during NASFTec23:

Innospexion – BioSort – Optoscale – Blue Ocean Technology – Scoot Science – MMC First Process – Garware – Innovasjø Akvakultur – DSM – Biofishency – Actea Earth – Innovafeed –  Siemens


More companies will be added soon.

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