The status of sustainability in disrupted times?

NASF 2023 Sustainability Seminar:
Sustainability in disrupted times?

We live in difficult times.

At one hand, we are witnessing that the global, longer-term impact caused by climate change is becoming less and less disputed and is impacting the life in the oceans too. At the same time, we are confronted with supply chain disruptions, increased costs, and price volatility in markets due to the war in Ukraine, COVID and geopolitical tensions. Governments in many countries are battling inflation. Many people are faced with sharp rises in energy and living costs, including food. This is a reality for the seafood supply chain as well.


What are the consequences of this uncertain future for seafood sustainability? How are the short-term economic uncertainty and the longer-term impact of climate change influence sustainability efforts in fisheries, in farms and downstream in the supply chain? Will it undermine efforts because there is no room to invest, or can it be an accelerator to integrate sustainability as backbone for growth of the business?


These and other vital questions are at the core of the NASF 2023 Sustainability seminar.

Inspiring speakers from different backgrounds will provide a reflection on the questions above, followed by an interactive forum discussion including the audience to see what the future for seafood sustainability will look like.


Register now and be a part of this and many othe rimportant discussion at the worlds largest seafood business strategy conference!

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