Leading analysts share insight

Leading analysts gathered at NASF to share insight on stock markets, market outlooks and seafood industry trends.

In uncertain times strategical decisions can be very critical to any organization’s future. The same goes for investments in the industry. The North Atlantic Seafood Forum has sought to be a source of information and knowledge for executives in the industry, making them better equipped to make the best possible decisions.  

NASF - a source for new knowledge and information

A vital part of NASF are all the analysts that are invited to give perspectives and insights. Trends in the marketplace for whitefish, pelagic, salmon and shrimp are all covered. Vital market information based on deep and insightful analysis is of much more importance than opinions to any decision maker!

In the aquaculture sector the fluctuation and availability of feed commodities affects any operation, as feed is one of the largest vital input factors for the industry. Analysts are monitoring these markets closely, and at NASF they share their knowledge!

The Seafood industry is also of great interest for investors as seafood will be one of the most important protein sources in the future. Leading Seafood Industry stock market analysts are a big part of the Pareto investor forum at the conference. Their insight and expertise are vital for industry investors.

In the last years, the new kid on the block is land based aquaculture. Investing in this part of the industry can yield great profits, however insight into technology and market information is vital. We have a dedicated session highlighting the global scene of land based investor possibilities. Facts that no investor would not like to miss out on.

Senior analysts from these companies are proudly presenting at NASF:

Pareto Securites, Kontali, PwC, Rapobank, Spheric Research, Nofima, Nordea

The 3-day conference gives executives information and knowledge to be able to make better decisions. Secure your seat and access to this pool of vital information on the seafood Industry.

Register today!

Welcome to NASF and Bergen on March 7-9th 2023.


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