In only one month! The best networking event in the seafood industry!

In only one month! The best networking event in the seafood industry!

For the majority of our delegates it is important to meet other leaders in the seafood industry. The North Atlantic Seafood Forum is a carefully designed the event with this in mind, with ample opportunities to meet, discuss and engage with other delegates.

Networking Luncheons

We repeat last years success, the Networking Luncheon! Lunch is to be served from several locations in the venue. The idea is to facilitate delegates using the lunchbreak for networking and meetings. You can grab your meal and enjoy the freedom of not having to sit in a dedicated seat to get fed.

Join compelling sponsor events!

During the conference many of our partners are organizing sponsor events like lunch meetings and receptions. These are attractive meeting places, often with a limited number of seats available has proved being very popular, so reach out early to the organizer and secure your seat.

Among the sponsor event organizers, you will find: Responsible Fisheries Management, IFFO, DNV, Deloitte, PwC, Corbion/Innovafeed and Benchmark.

Secluded areas dedicated to conversations and meetings.

We have reserved a more quiet and secluded part of the hotel designated for delegates that wants to sit down for meetings or for those who just needs to attend other important business in a less noisy environment. Here you will find refreshments and staff to take care of your needs.
Follow the signs or simply ask one of our conference hosts to show you the way.

Networking dinner and reception

At NASF conference networking dinner you are served a grand buffet, and you can sit down or stand where you like, with the people that you prefer.
A great event to catch up with friends or make new acquaintances over a good glass of wine and delicious food!

One month to go, It’s time to secure your delegate pass

It’s time to secure your delegate pass today and make your travel arrangements. Bergen is connected to 45 European cities, so it’s easy getting here. The North Atlantic Seafood forum is a one of the kind meeting places, and we will continue to facilitate for the good discussions, meeting old and new business contacts and bringing so many CEO’s and executives of the Seafood industry together.

NASF 2024 is on March 5-7th – reserve your seat today!

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