Insects: Here to stay! – New round table session at NASF2024

New round table sesson: Insects: Here to stay!

Dive into the future of aquafeed at the new round table session on sustainable nutrition and insect ingredients! This session, titled “Insects: Here to Stay,” will feature five distinguished panelists elucidating why insect-based nutrition is pivotal for a low-footprint aquaculture industry. Gain insights into the catalysts fueling the growth of insect ingredients and the challenges impeding widespread adoption. Expect an interactive experience as the audience will be invited to actively participate in the discussion.

Reflecting on the past 15 years, insects have evolved from a novel concept to a proven solution. Technological advancements have ensured consistently high-quality insect ingredients, legislation has opened up the aquaculture market, scientific studies have been conducted to prove sustainability and health claims, feed formulations have been developed and tested, and success stories have emerged.

Now, insects are more relevant than ever and the sector is poised for significant growth. Demand for sustainable nutrients is high (think scope 3!), and commercial potential awaits. The time to act is now.

Join us as we uncover the unique and groundbreaking role of insects in making our food landscape more sustainable while exploring the drivers and barriers to make a big impact. As we navigate the future of food sustainability, this session garantuees invaluable insights into shaping a greener and economically viable future for the industry!


This session is chaired by Michel van Spankeren, Business Development Manager Aquaculture at Protix and we are pleased to confirm speakers from these prestigious companies:

Frédérique Glazener, Sustainability Manager at Albert Heyn
Lissy Smit, CEO at Aqua Spark – investing in solutions
Bert Wecker, co-CEO/CTO at Oceanloop
Erik-Jan Lock, Research Director at Nofima
Christophe Derrien, Secretary General at IPIFF – International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed


Don’t miss out!

Be a part of the discussion at NASF 2024 (March 5-7th) – reserve your seat today!



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