Innovatory Aquaculture technology presentations: NASFTec Aqua – presented by NCE Aquatech Cluster and NASF

NASFTec Aqua: Innovatory Aquaculture technology presentations

Technology advancements drives the industry forward with improved solution increasing sustainability, fish health, profitability and in the end a better product to the consumer.

Tailored for key decisionmakers

The objective of NASFTec Aqua is to give CEO’s, CTO’s investors, and other delegates valuable insight in a wide array of developments within the aquaculture technology sector, and solutions are ready to be implemented. The presenting companies are present trough out the conference, all available for questions and follow-ups.


NASF has joined forces with NCE Aquatech cluster, to ensure an overall high quality of the session. And we are proud of presenting a selected group of leading aquaculture technology companies to showcase their solutions.
All solutions have one thing in common: They are all proven and market ready.


This is an open-door session, where you can come and go as you prefer, joining in for the whole or the parts of special interest.

We are proud to present the following presentations:

iFarm, health journal for salmon and individualized follow-up
Geir Stang Hauge, CEO BioSort

OptiRAS – A paradigm shift in RAS
Mia Guttorm Moseng, Chief Commercial Officer, OptiRAS

Innovative Technology for Aquaculture and Waste Management
Marta Rojo Alonso, CEO Sterner  

Making operations and environmental data useful for your saltwater production teams
Jonathan Lariviere, CEO and co-founder Scoot Science 

Automated selection and sorting of juvenile salmon using AI
Stian Rognlid, CEO Aquaticode  

Data-driven fish welfare: How to deal with today’s and tomorrow’s challenges
Thomas Fekete Rønningen, Aquabyte  

Flexible post-smolt solutions and feeding solutions
Kent Kongsdal Rasmussen, Pure Salmon Technology  

ScaleAQ Subsea: Innovative, submerged technology – the future of Aquaculture
Audun Fjeldvær, CEO ScaleAQ Seabased 

Leveraging water quality forecasts to support fish growth, fish welfare and sustainability
Gaetan Fabritius, Chief Business Development Officer Bioceanor 

From Uncertainty to Action: how OptoScale is helping fish farmers reduce uncertainty worldwide
Sven Kolstø, CEO OptoScale  

Prevention is Profitable!
Kira Salonius, CEO Previwo    

Egget® – The Closed Solution for Salmon
Trond Severinsen, Chief Commercial Officer – Ovum  

Sustainable, efficient and automatic hygiene solutions against Listeria
Daniel Fontane, Marketing & Communication Manager, ALVAR Ehf  

ELOXIRAS: A game changer in RAS water treatment
Eivind Vinje, VP R&D and BD, MMC First Process   

Join NASFTec and be a part of Technology Tuesday at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2024.

NASF 2024 is on March 5-7th – Reserve your seat today!

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