NASF Salmon summit: The most important salmon symposium in 2024?

NASF2024 Salmon Summit – How to increase supply more farmed salmon in a sustainable way?

The demand for salmon in various markets is still strong, even with relatively high prices for a considerable time. Currently, the supply side struggles to follow suit. In this session we intend to uncover how the industry can continue to deliver more farmed salmon to current and new clients without the seeing the salmon price skyrocketing. Are there ways to increase production to meet the consumer demands? Can this be done in a transparent and sustainable manner meeting increasing demands from consumers, regulators, and investors?

How is salmon doing today? - Broad update from experts

Before the panel discussion we’ll get a series of short talks updating the delegates on key issues related to the salmon farming industry and markets. Firs out is Pareto Securities Analyst Sander Lie on how the stock markets are reacting and acting towards the industry right now. Kontali Chief analyst Ragnar Nystøyl follows up with updated information on supply, demand, trends, and outlook in the salmon markets. Focusing on the rapidly growing Chinese market for salmon, the Director for China at the Norwegian Seafood Export Councill, Andreas Thorud has all the latest information to share.

The all-important European consumer perspective is represented by Matt Lee, CEO of Hilton food Group UK, diving deeper into the importance farmed salmon plays with UK and European consumers.
Last but not least, Sustainability! Global Director for Aquaculture at DNV, Thomas Voght-Eriksen will elaborate on production growth related to sustainability.

The most important panel debate on salmon of the year!

Drew Cherry, the IntraFish editor who has been following the industry for more than 20 years will be asking the right questions and moderating the debate among these distinguished panellists:

Anne Hvistendal, Global head Seafood – DNB, Steven Rafferty, CEO – Cermaq, Christian Jomaas, CEO – Pareto Securities, Jon Hindar, Partner – Summa Equity, Fulco van Lede, CEO – Nutreco

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