Improved seafood quality for the consumers, White Fish and Shrimp – a new NASF session

Improved seafood quality for the consumers - Whitefish and Shrimp

The consumers and thus retailers, are the driving force behind the increasing demand for improved quality of seafood. The whitefish industry is meeting this increasing challenge every day, and at this new NASF session we have invited experts and specialists to give their views on how to improve seafood quality and how to meet the increase in consumer expectations in various markets.

The nature of deep-sea is that it happens far away from the consumer, and the vessels are at sea for longer periods of time. All ocean-going fishing vessels depend on advanced processing and freezing technologies to ensure the quality and freshness of the catch before the vessel is back in port.

At this session you will get a deep insight into the latest improvements in onboard processing and freezing technology. Listen to industry experts and production specialists explaining how they solve these challenges, with the consumer in mind. You can also expect scientists to explain how industry and researchers are working together with science as a common base to bring the best possible product to the consumer’s plate.

Speakers from the following companies are present:

Norwegian Seafood Research Fund, Royal Greenland, Matís Iceland, NOFIMA, Eurofins UK & Ireland, Skipsteknisk, JFK, Leinebris, GEMBA Seafood, Stella Polaris, Rabobank and Optimar.

Chaired by NASF UK & Ireland representative, Simon Dwyer, this promises to be an insightful, innovative, and informative session on Tuesday 5th March at 2pm.

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