Meet the speakers: 200 seafood executives, experts and scientist are now preparing to inspire and share their insight!

200 speakers are now preparing to inspire and share their insight

The North Atlantic Seafood Forum is grateful for all our speakers who have taken on the task to address one of the most knowledgeable audiences within the seafood industry.

We look forward to 3 days of inspiration, insight, and interesting discussions – all with one goal in mind: Bringing the industry forward.
Check out the NASF speakers list, with further information and background of many of our speakers!


This is what you can expect over the next week:

NASF 2024 kicks off with Technology Tuesday
Technology is by many seen as a part of the solution towards a more sustainable industry. Over 70 presentations are prepared for Technology Tuesday.

The all-important day two
starts with the renowned NASF plenary session, followed by dedicated sessions for salmon, whitefish and pelagics. Sustainability, Aquafeed and Land-based Investor seminars follows. Don’t miss the lunch seminars!

Money and climate change!
Main focus on day three is dedicated to Investors, but dare you to miss the rising sea temperature issue at the global warming session?
Discover the 3-day conference content in 3 minutes here!

Still a few vacant seats at the best networking event in Seafood!

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