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Meet the Russian seafood industry at NASF 2022

The Russian fishing industry is rapidly growing and undergoing a massive modernisation and expansion. Likewise the Russian aquaculture sector is steadily increasing its production. The expanding Russian seafood sector is of increasing international interest, and at NASF in 2022 we

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This was North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2021

“NASF2021 is the best digital event to date!” Gorjan Nikolik – Rapobank We aimed to stage the best digital conference in the Global Seafood Industry – and the feedback was unanimously positive.   Facts about NASF 2021: 1762 Delegates from

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Delegate registration is now open!

Invite your colleagues and get a good delegate pass deal! We have unlimited space in our digital conference rooms, and this gives everyone the opportunity to join this remarkable conference. If you invite another 5 of your colleagues, we offer

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Recap NASF conference in 2020

NASF 2020: The North Atlantic Seafood forum maintains its position as the leading seafood industry top-executive meeting place The 15th NASF Conference in Bergen gathered over 750 delegates from 27 countries, and around 300 companies. And by that confirming that

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North Atlantic Seafood Forum in the news

As an important meeting place for top executives in the global seafood industry, NASF is closely followed by the press. We have gathered a few links from the last two years, offering you the possibility to read what the seafood-related

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