North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2022
Conference overview

In-Person-Event – Bergen – June 21st – 23rd

Day 2

09.00 - 10.00


DNV: Ocean Future
McKinsey: The Post Covid Consumer

Norwegian Seafood Council and a World Champion

10.00 - 10.15

Seafood Innovation award

NCE Innovation Cluster, together with Pareto, DNB and North Atlantic Seafood Forum are announcing the winner of the Seafood Innovation Award 2022.

10.15 - 10.45


Day 2 - track A

10.45 - 13.00

Global seafood decarbonization summit


Day 2 - track B

10.30 - 14.30

Aquaculture Feed Summit

By the feed industry and NASF

13.00 - 14.30


Day 2 - track A

14.30 - 18.00

Aquaculture & Salmon Market & Production


Day 2 - track B

14.30 - 18.00

Global Whitefish Summit


Day 2 - track C

14.30 - 18.00

Global Seafood transport Summit


Day 2 - track D

14.30 - 18.00

International Shrimp



Day 2

Day 2 – 09:00-10:15

Inspiration – Plenary Session

09.00 - 10.15
DNV Ocean report
Luca Crisciotti
CEO – Supply Chain & Product Assurance of DNV
09.00 - 10.15
McKinsey: Survey of the post Covid consumer
Anders Milde Gjendemsjø
Associate Partner McKinsey
09.00- 10.15
Why do we bother to inspire the seafood consumer?

And when origin is so important, what are the similarities between two world champions – Karsten Warholm and Norwegian seafood?

Martin Skaug, Director of Communications of the Norwegian Seafood Council
09.00- 10.15
Key global consumer trends in sustainable seafood

Erin Priddle Regional Director, MSC North Europe
09.00- 10.15
Seafood Innovation award

NCE Innovation Cluster, together with Pareto, DNB and North Atlantic Seafood Forum are announcing the winner of the Seafood Innovation Award 2022.

Day 2 – 10:30-14:30

Aquaculture Feed Summit

10.30 - 15.00
Aquaculture Feed Summit

Chair: Christian Meinich, CEO Holtermann

Feed: an unprecedented challenge

Therese Log Bergjord, CEO, Skretting AS


Managing market risk in volatile times

Helene Ziv-Douki, President and Group leader, Cargill Aqua Nutrition

Outlook; Major agriculture commodities that make fish feed

Carlos Mera, Analyst- Head of Agri Commodities Markets, RaboResearch / Rabobank

Improving Aquaculture Productivity with Optimum Omega Nutrition

Ian Carr, Global Business Development Director Veramaris

Small krill – Big impact

Sigve Nordrum, EVP Animal Health & Nutrition Aker Biomarine

A Road To Scale And Affordability

Medhi Barrada, CEO and co-founder Agronutris


Blue Food and the Marine Ingredients – a sustainable platform for healthy food for the future

Petter Johannesen, CEO IFFO

Aquaterra Advanced Omega-3 Supports Trending Consumer Preferences: New Research Reveals Sustainable Seafood Priorities

Pablo Berner, Aquaculture Business Lead, Nuseed


AlgaPrime™, a mainstream solution that goes one step further

Ruud Peerbooms, President, Algae Ingredients, Corbion


Panel discussion
Q&A session with all speakers

Day 2 – 10:45-13:00

Global seafood decarbonization Summit

10.45 - 13.00
Global seafood decarbonization summit

This is the first time the conference will have climate change and decarbonization on the agenda, and it will give a unique opportunity to see how the different stakeholders in the industry tackle the greatest challenge of our time. The event is split into two panels, each consisting of short presentations or statements followed by a debate. The global seafood decarbonization summit lifts climate change to the top of the agenda on an executive level.

Chair of the summit is Narve Mjøs, Vice President in DNV and chair of the Norwegian Green Shipping Program.
10.45 - 11.30
Panel 1: Decarbonization trends affecting the seafood industry

This panel will present and discuss global seafood transportation form a regulative, financial, consumer and industry perspective.

Regulative Perspectives

Espen Barth Eide, Minister of Climate and Enviroment

12.00 - 13.00
Panel 2: Seafood companies shall reduce CO2-emissions with at least 55 % the next few years

This panel will address carbon emissions in the value chain, how this affects the industry – and what options and tools are available for decarbonization.

Carbon emissions in the value chain

Ulf Johannesen, Senior Researcher SINTEF

Day 2 – 13:00-14:30


Day 2 – 14:30-17:00

Aquaculture & Salmon Market & Production

14.30 - 17.00
Aquaculture & Salmon Market & Production

Salmon production worldwide

Ragnar Nystøl, Chief Analyst Kontali

The stock markets view on the salmon sector

Carl-Emil Kjølås Johannessen,  Equity Research Analyst Pareto Securities AS

The Mowi brand in the US and European markets

Ola Brattvoll, COO Sales & Marketing Mowi ASA

Salmon Market in Asia

Tom-Jørgen Gangsø, Director market insight, Norwegian Seafood Council

Aquafacts Biolytics – how data and digitalization can support decision makers

A better understanding of the lice issues and financial performances in Norway, Iceland, the UK and the Faroe Islands.

Óli Samró, CEO Fishfacts

Sustainable Aquaculture Offshore

Trine Sæther Romuld, CFO SalMar Aker Ocean


Integration, Collaboration, Acceleration

Martin Gutberlet, CEO Baader Software & Digital solutions


The Road from Israel to Investment in Aquaculture

Idan Hizki, Vice President Business Development, Israel Corp.

Innovations in nets: Escape prevention and reduced cleaning without environmental impact

Vayu Garware, Chairman & MD Garware Technical Fibres

Improving the economics of sea lice management

John Marshall, Head of Animal health Benchmark

How can Export Finance Norway support the seafood sector in Norway and abroad?

Tone Lunde Bakker, CEO Export Finance Norway

Day 2 – 14:30-17:00

Global Whitefish Summit

14.30 - 16.30
Global Whitefish Summit

Chair: Morten Hylborg Jensen, COO White Fish, Insula


Overview global supply, outlook, and trends

Jan Erik Øksenvåg, Senior Analyst Kontali


North Atlantic whitefish supplies

Eldar Farstad, CEO Lerøy Seafood Group


Alaskan pollock, Pacific cod and hake

Rasmus Soerensen, Executive Vice President of Global Sales American Seafood


South Africa Whitefish Supplies

Konrad Geldenhuys, Sales & Marketing Director  Sea Harvest Corporation


South American White Fish Supplies

Mariano Mansilla, Director Seaman International


UK whitefish market and demands

Simon Smith, CEO Youngs seafood


German market and demands

Juergen Pauly, Globus Markthallen Holding GmbH & Co K.


US Whitefish market and demands

Frank Bodin, Vice President Nordic Group Inc. USA


The update of China whitefish processing Industry under current strict Covid-19 control

Jerry Chang, President Chang International Inc.

Day 2 – 14.30-16.30

Global Seafood Transport Summit

14.30 - 16.30
Global Seafood Transport Summit

Chair: Simon Dwyer, Managing Director Seafox Managements Consultants Limited


What lies ahead???

Mikael Tal Grétarsson, Export Director Icelandair Cargo


Challenges in air transport of seafood

Nicklas  Krandorf, Head of Cargo Sales Scandinavia & Europe Scandinavian Airlines Cargo


Challenges in transport of seafood

Martin Gade Gregersen, Senior Vice President & Head of Cold Chain DFDS


Challenges in shipping of seafood

Johan Jemdahl, CEO Greencarrier AB


Challenges within global/truck transport of seafood

Jens Romer Sode, CEO Scandinavia Girteka

Supply Chain disruptions and the effects on the global economy

Knut Eriksmoen, CEO DB Schenker

Short sea perspective

Eivind Dahl, DNV Green Shipping Program

Panel discussion

Day 2 – 15.00-17.30

Global Shrimp Summit

15.00 - 17.30
Global Shrimp Summit - Part 1
Welcome and introduction to the Global Shrimp Seminar

Jens Henrik Møller, Partner GEMBA Seafood Consulting AS


Nick Edwards, Director Shrimp Producers Marketing Cooperative


Charles Kirschbaum, Director Pacific Seafood

Development in fishery and production

Kasper Teilmann, Partner GEMBA Seafood Consulting AS

The Barents Sea

Synne Gulbrandsen, Marketing manager Norges Råfisklag

The Barents Sea continued

Christian Nordal, CEO Stella Polaris

Sum up first section

Jens Henrik Møller, Partner GEMBA Seafood Consulting AS

15.00 - 17.30
Global Shrimp Summit - Part 2
Welcome session two – Warm Water shrimp

Jens Henrik Møller, Partner GEMBA Seafood Consulting AS

South Atlantic

Federico Angeleri, CEO Grupoveraz

Warm Water Shrimp: Global production trends

Georg Chamberlain, President GAA


Warm Water Shrimp: Global market trends and consumption

Gorjan Nikolik, Senior Global Specialist Seafood Rabobank, RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness


The UK shrimp market

Mike Berthet, Director Aquasea Limited


Technology transfer benefiting shrimp production

Oscar Hennig, Operations Director Benchmark Genetics


Sum up and closure

Jens Henrik Møller, Partner GEMBA Seafood Consulting AS

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