The 3 next days can define the future of the Seafood Industry.

“I am pleased to see this years’ NASF gone digital. It is an important forum for the industry to get together to share, learn and also come together to address common industry challenges. The Veramaris team is looking forward to engaging with many visitors, connecting with friends and building new relationships.”

Karim Kurmaly, CEO, Veramaris

1500 Delegates to join NASF2021

Close to 1500 Delegates are expected to Join the North Atlantic Seafood Forum digital conference starting this morning. Over 160 speakers from 16 different countries will cover market insight, consumer and market developments, seafood supply, sustainability, innovation, and finance – to mention just a few of the 15 sessions that will take place over the next 3 days.
During the 3 days, delegates from the Seafood Industry will gain new insight and hence give better background for the many important decisions that has to be taken in the last phases of, and post covid.
Despite the pandemic, The North Atlantic Seafood Forum strengthens its position as the leading conference for top executives in the seafood industry. On a state-of-the-art conference platform delegates will be able to join all sessions, or replay sessions. But most important, the delegates can meet existing and new contacts, using messaging functions, one to one video-meetings, and the several venues designed to meet and greet executives from the industry.


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