Global Seafood Transport Summit – a new session at NASF 2022

The Global Seafood Transportation Summit

Effective transportation is essential to reach the consumers of the world with high quality seafood. A lot of changes have occurred in this sector over the years and recently fuel prices spiked increasing the costs even further. NASF has brought together a panel of experts representing air, land, and sea, and challenged these professionals to share their views on the specific challenges the transportation of seafood is currently facing.

Companies presenting during this session are:
Iceland Air Cargo, DB Schenker, DFDS, Greencarrier, Scandinavian Airlines, Scandinavia Girteka and the DNV Green Shipping Program.

Simon Dwyer, Managing Director Seafox Managements Consultants Limited, will chair this session. Mr. Dwyer has a long track record as a consultant for the seafood industry, specially focusing on transportation and logistics. This is his expectations for the Global Seafood Transportation Summit:

“During the past 2 years one resonating theme the seafood industry has met challenges with is ‘logistics costs’. This session will dig deep into how the cold-chain logistics companies are adjusting to challenges with Covid-19, Brexit and labour shortages. A fascinating insight into a topic covered by NASF for the first time.


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