NASF 2022: The next 3 days will provide inspiring speeches, new knowledge, and interesting discussions!

For the 17th time, top executives, specialists, and policy makers gather at the world's leading seafood business conference.

With an impressive lineup of 150 speakers, we are anticipating that the delegates at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2022 will experience exciting lectures, inspiring presentations, and many insightful discussions. Both the organizer and the speakers are very happy that we are now able to physically meet again, as underlined by Dennis Schreiber from Baader:

Networking event

Since many haven’t been able to meet over the last few years, the organizer has taken steps to make NASF an even better meeting place, giving space and time for networking and exploring business opportunities. We hope that the new Networking Luncheon will give our delegates more time to meet and greet and even the possibility to be a part of specially designated lunch events.


Utilize the online possibilities – stay logged on!

We urge our delegates to log on to the conference platform with a mobile phone during the event, and you will get full oversight over the program, all delegates at the event, and ample possibilities to set up meetings, be a part of the discussions and maybe most important of all: You can replay the session in the room next door that you “just missed”.
All presentations will be accessible for replay for the next 3 months!


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