How will technology change tomorrow’s strategic decissions?

Introducing NASF-tec23 - Increased focus on technology

New technology is a driving factor driving the industry. At NASF 2023 we aim to have a stronger technology focus and how it changes the industry.

Is artificial intelligence and huge data management giving a better understanding of the present situation? In what direction is technology driving various sectors of the seafood industry, and how is it influencing the strategic decisions to be made?

Through these and related topics we intend to provide better insight, better background for future decisions in the industry.

Is your technology cutting edge? Do you want to present your solutions at NASF-Tec23?

We are introducing a new session at the upcoming conference. For the inagural NASF-Tec23 we are searching for companies with innovative solutions that is likely to shape the industry of tomorrow. If your company has cutting edge technology, impacting the way decisions will be made, we would like to hear from you.

“NASF is all about enabling decision makers, to take the best decisions for the future. If your technology is about to change tomorrow’s decisions, I would like you to contact me.
This could be your chance to enlighten the top decision makers of the global seafood industry”

André Akse
General Manager NASF


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