NASF 2021 Program release: The most comprehensive conference program in the NASF history.

The NASF CEO, André Akse is releasing the program for NASF 2021 today:

This edition of NASF will consist of 15 different sessions, covering a wide area of highly relevant topics related to the seafood Industry.

The lineup of speakers is unprecedented in the history of the conference with 160 speakers! Industry captains, policy makers, leaders, specialists, and experts are looking forward to share their insight, knowledge and opinions with our delegates.

“We have great industry captains and policy makers on the podium, including The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, CEO of Dongwon Industries Mr. Lee Myung-Woo and Dep. Dir. Dr. Thevasagayam from The Gates Foundation, to mention just a few. And just to underline the relevance of the conference the newly appointed president of Cargil’s Aqua Nutrition business, Helene Ziv-Douki is also a keynote speaker.

The list of experts, specialists and policymakers is so long that no one should miss out on this year’s digital edition of NASF. I encourage everyone to have a look at our program pages, and you will soon understand that NASF2021 is important to attend”

André Akse, CEO, North Atlantic Seafood Forum


A Digital NASF Conference – many delegate advantages.

You can join from wherever you are in the world, and if you miss any of the sessions, either because you attended another session, or the time zone you are in, you can still replay each speech on demand after it has been aired. As a delegate you also get access to all speeches after the conference is over.


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