Preview of the the NASF – digital conference 2021

NASF is relentless working to deliver this year’s best digital conference in the International Seafood Industry. These are the first images as we disclose how the conference will appear to our delegates. This is an event you won’t like to miss

We are building an intuitive and easy navigatable platform for the event. Easy to understand and find your way, so you can focus on the the outstanding presentations and meeting up with friends and business contacts.

Everything starts at the opening page:

Link to all important sections are intuitive, and easy to understand – even your granny can attend
NASF now!

Sessions and presentations!

All presentations will be highly visible and easy to follow. On the right hand side you can join the chat with other delegates attending your session. Here you can also ask questions to panelists and moderators that chairs the session.


Easy to connect with other delegates!

Every delegate will have access to the delegate pages. (Intentionlly blured to protect privacy) Here you can request meetings, send messages and easily connect with buisness contacts and friends in the industry.


Join the conversation!


 There will be ample opportunities to talk to and meet other delegates. It becomes much

more valuable to be a delegate when you engage with others in the Seafood

This is just a short glimpse of all the opportunities that NASF 2021 Digital will offer!

Don’t miss out, be a part of NASF 2021 on June 8-10th

Click now to reserve your delegate pass!

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