This was North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2021

“NASF2021 is the best digital event to date!”

Gorjan Nikolik – Rapobank

We aimed to stage the best digital conference in the Global Seafood Industry – and the feedback was unanimously positive.


Facts about NASF 2021:
  • 1762 Delegates from 42 nations (26% women)
  • 6450 Individual logins to the platform
  •  Over 3800 messages sent between the delegates
  • 1700 one-on-one chats between delegates
The most comprehensive conferrence program to date

The digital conference concept advantages were utilised to full capacity. We had over 160 speakers from all over the world – Scientists, experts and tiers of the industry presenting industry relevant finds and opinions.

All presentations were also available for all delegates for a long period of time after the event had ended.

Data shows us that many went back and had a second look. The industry leaders took full advantage of the many functions on the digital conference platform.

Digital networking – yielding results

With over 3800 messages and 1700 one-to-one private chat messages during the conference, the NASF delegates clearly got in contact with each other. New contacts were made, old contacts were re-established and it demonstrates that digital networking works – when given the right tools.

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